Star Approach

Eventful’s attention to detail, experienced team, personalised service and knowledge are defining points.  Eventful creates standout events that have customers returning year on year.


Our Passion

  • Our clients are our focus
  • We care for your staff and customers
  • Our talented Eventful team are the best in the business
  • We love making you stand out and look great.

Our Knowledge

  • Our knowledge in all facets of event management delivers outstanding results
  • Our experience makes your role easier
  • Our network of suppliers leverages meeting and event results.

Magic’s in the Detail

  • Our systems are finessed. We tailor solutions
  • Communication is clear and attendee hospitality well managed
  • We design the event to communicate your brand
  • Our events are balanced to educate and reward.

Our Promise

  • Budget is paramount and optimised wherever possible
  • We minimise your time on the project
  • We take the risk out of your event
  • We deliver consistently on every event.

Our Sustainability Ethic

  • Our sustainability policy expresses our intent
  • We strive to minimise the meeting footprint
  • We minimise travel and prefer venues with sustainable credentials
  • We minimise print and recommend online invites and registration.

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